Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Night’s “Law & Order: SVU”


Rose McGowan played Cassandra Davina, a character that likes to hang out at a swinger’s club. She tries to seduce just about anyone she can. She turns out to be a con artist and she’s having consanguineous sex with her twin brother.

I’ve watched many episodes of the show. I understand the nature of the show is to deal with characters who do bad things. But I’m going to point out what should be obvious anyway:

1) Most swingers don’t come on to everyone.
2) Most swingers are not con artists.
3) Most consanguinamorous people are not swingers.
4) Most consanguinamorous people are not con artists.
5) Most consanguinamorous people don’t come on to everyone.

This series has included realistic, positive portrayals of LGBT people, and kudos to them for doing so. I haven’t been watching lately, so I don’t know if they’ve done the same with swingers, polyamorous people, or consanguinamorous people. I watched at least two other episodes dealing with consanguinamory, both involving what was probably GSA. Neither relationship was presented in a positive light, unfortunately.

If they want to boost ratings, they should try a positive portrayal of consanguineous lovers. That would get a lot of attention. It would also do some social good. Perhaps taxpaying, good-citizen consanguinamorous siblings are subject to harassment, threats, and blackmail attempts because of the ridiculous laws on the books that denigrate their love? I would say they would be special victims. If anyone from the show is reading this, feel free to be inspired by (or steal shamelessly,) from this blog, especially from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
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