Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Reaction to Sarah Kemp and George Bentley

Emily Abbate writes at about the situation between Sarah Kemp and George Bentley, the siblings separated since childhood who realized they’d reunited an hour into a date made through a dating website.

Reportedly Sarah and George want to see each other as often as possible to catch up on the time they spent apart, which totally makes sense.

Yes it does.

After the big realization, the duo decided to celebrate finding one another with champagne and drank themselves silly. Call me crazy but I just can't help but wonder about their attraction. Did things get a bit awkward once the alcohol was involved? You don't just go meeting a man in a bar from the web that you're not totally in to -- and expect that feeling to disappear, right?

So what if the mutual attraction remained?

One thing's for sure, this must have been hella embarrassing. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is not your standard "I'm looking for love" dating site. This is a website that advertises not to worry about the food, and shows pictures of breasts, half-naked women, and 6-pack abs right on the landing page! And this is how Sarah found her long-lost brother?

What is embarrassing about that? They are adults looking for partners. It shouldn’t be embarrassing at all, unless someone is embarrassed by their body.

What if they didn't put two-and-two together? They could have been the next big incestuous baby-making couple.

As long as they’re happy, what would be the problem with that?

What do you think of their story?

I think they were dealt a raw deal by the actions of their parents. But I’m very happy for them, whatever aspects their relationship has or takes on. They don’t need any prejudiced taunting.

Could you imagine being attracted to your brother?

Some heterosexual women bisexual women, gay men, and bisexual men are attracted to their brothers. Some have had sex, some are in ongoing relationships. The writer, if she has a brother, is either not attracted to him or doesn’t want us to think she is. But other women are different. We don’t all need to be the same in our attractions, do we?
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