Thursday, March 3, 2011

LaVictoire Shows More Solidarity for Poly People

Bridgette P. LaVictoire writes about the wing of the Southern Baptists who oppose marriage equality, focusing on current issues surrounding DOMA (the Denial of Marriage Act). These people are panicking as they see marriage equality advancing, and you can find much about that by reading LaVictoire's write-up Then, she gets into consanguineous sex…

Should incest be considered immoral? More than likely because it has a deleterious effect on the genetics of the society.

Ah. Discredited Argument #18

Should it be illegal? That is harder to gauge. The vast, vast majority of incest is non-consensual and would easily fall into other categories such as rape. Can one say that the dynamics regarding incest ever make it truly consensual? That is a complex discussion, but one that is not going to be taking place.

It is taking place, and it should. More people need to give up their prejudice against such relationships. As noted, there are laws against rape and child abuse. We're not talking about that, any more than we’re talking about male-on-male pedophilia when we're talking about same-sex marriage. Any adult should have the right to love, sex, and marriage with ANY other adults.

When it comes to homosexuality, and let us face it, polyamory, the arguments against are rooted in culture and religion, not in any kind of real debate of facts.

It is good to see her show solidarity with poly people. Hopefully, she will show more solidarity for all. Equality just for some is not equality. We need full marriage equality.
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