Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Full Marriage Equality Briefly Considered in Maryland

According to this article about a bill for the same-sex freedom to marry…

Del. Neil Parrott, R-Washington, offered a defeated amendment to allow polygamy and later withdrew one to allow incestuous marriage.

So it is back to a piecemeal approach to marriage. Looks like Maryland will be getting increased freedom to marry, but not full marriage equality, yet. It will be nice when some same-sex couples can marry in Maryland. It will be even better when an adult can marry any consenting adults.
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  1. Sadly, I think he (Parrott) did that as a strategy to try and kill the bill.

  2. If so, the others should have taken the opportunity to make a bold move by keeping the amendments and adopting the bill. Do they really think they're going to lose any MORE voters for going for FULL marriage equality than they will lose for passing the freedom to marry for (some_ same-sex couples? I doubt it.

  3. Yeah, they should have; it would have been the high ground. But, I think there is still a great deal of perceived political liability attached to poly and consang marriage. Along with your thrown-under-the-bus train of thought, they still want to advocate same-sex marriage as legally unconnected to poly/consang (but, of course, they are intimately connected... pun intended). Politics, being what it is, is subject to extra-legal concepts like disgust and popularity. I see it as more likely that legislative normalization of same-sex marriage will make it easier for the judicial side to introduce marriage equality for poly and consang relationships.


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