Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Babble Covers Lawrence-Ryan and This Blog

Carolyn Castiglia blogged at about Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan’s consanguinamorous GSA relationship, and she cited me here at FME. The title of her posting claims that those with GSA are big trouble for supporters of the same-sex freedom to marry, but doesn’t really explain.

Theirs is not the first instance of GSA nor will it likely be that last; GSA seems to be a fairly common side-effect felt by individuals who meet their blood relatives for the first time as adults.

That is correct.

Many people, including Evans, have no sympathy for the couple, despite their claim of GSA. In her blog post on the topic, Evans writes, “it’s illegal … and disgusting,” adding, “I’m sure it’s tough to grow up without a father, but it still doesn’t excuse or explain such a relationship.”

"It's illegal" and "it's disgusting" (Discredited Argument #1) were also failed arguments used against interracial couples and same-sex couples.

No excuse is needed for relationships between consenting adults.

The Guardian notes that instances of GSA are only going to increase as a generation of babies conceived using IVF and sperm donation seeks out their biological parents.

That is also correct.

It’s the old, “If we allow gays to marry, what’s next? Who’s to stop someone from wanting to marry a sheep – or their mother?” argument.

The same-sex freedom to marry is not the same thing as the consanguineous freedom to marry or the polygamous freedom to marry, but they are all necessary for full marriage equality. Equality just for some is not equality.

I don’t disagree that victims of GSA should be encouraged NOT to act on their feelings for one another, but I think it will be much harder for those experiencing sexual attraction to birth relatives to deal with their feelings if this condition isn’t openly acknowledged and talked about. These people need help, not scorn.

Why shouldn’t adults who are free to pursue others be allowed to act on their feelings for consenting adults?

Furthermore, stigmatizing GSA is only going to cause incest advocates to adopt it as a pet cause, like the individual behind the website Full Marriage Equality, which both supports gay marriage AND incest – a conflation any gay marriage advocate would be smacking themselves in the head over.

And later she writes…

No one wants to see incest supported by society, but victims of GSA need some level of sympathy.

There ARE people who DO want to see consanguinamorous relationships supported the same as any other relationship. And yes, this includes some nonconsanguinamorous LGBT people, who, thankfully, show solidarity.

The few experts in GSA insist that it really is not an incestuous urge, so it’s sad to see Lawrence’s story co-opted by a site like Full Marriage Equality which stands for nothing by standing for everything.

I stand for the rights of consenting adults to love, sex, and marriage. That is something. It isn’t everything. What’s wrong with it? This does not hurt LGBT people; it supports them. LGBT people should be supported.

The one comment I found…

As for GSA, I say so what? If they’re consenting adults, where’s the harm?

Thank you!
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