Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sounds Like a Normal Boy

Shanny Angeles asks, “Whats wrong with my cousin?”

He been attracted to me eversince we were 8 or 7.& like if he saw me one day he would be all like calm normal & funny,the next hes like asking me if I wanna make out or some sexual things like that.

Sounds like a normal boy these days.

Also I think that he has Genetic Sexual Attraction because hes been attracted to me alot.

Genetic Sexual Attraction is what is used to describe a phenomenon that occurs in many cases in which people who were separated when at least one of them was very young, perhaps not even born, and reunited after puberty.

Anything I should keep in mind or something?& no way I dont want some deformed baby hes only 14 & im 13 right now,

She shouldn’t be having babies at that age. However, most children born to first cousins have no significant birth defect. Marriages between first cousins, at least between males and females, are legal (and even common) in many places around the world.

She does not say she isn’t attracted to him; she expresses concerns, perhaps because of her age or misconceptions about consanguineous sex.

Some minors are sexually active at that age, and provided her cousin really cares about her, she’s probably better off experimenting with him than with someone else, especially someone older. My general advice to people her age is that they should wait and direct their energy towards their education, interests, and friendships. If they don’t follow that advice, they should consult with a physician to make sure they understand everything involved. They should also note the age of consent laws in their jurisdiction.


i would have a talk to your family about it your mam r dad? it is not normal for that to happen and you shouldn't feel uncomfortable with your own family hun your too young to be asked things like that in the first place so just take care of your self

This certainly is not abnormal. She didn’t indicate that she was feeling pressured. She should only tell her parents if she is uncomfortable and wants him to stop. She didn’t indicate that.


I don't think there is anything wrong with him or you, you are young and hormones are in overdrive, its just a natural attraction and curiosity towards a each other. I doubt at the age of 8 it was a sexual attraction! You need to make it clear to him if his actions and suggestions towards you make you uncomfortable.

Good answer.

jacob decibel…

Nothing is wrong with your cousin, but if he's making you feel uncomfortable, tell him to knock it off. And if he doesn't listen to you, threaten to go to your aunt and uncle.

Good advice. Many adults who are first cousins marry and have full, happy lives together. Unfortunately, there are some places, including some US states, where they are denied the freedom to marry. This girl's cousin may outgrow his current attraction, or maybe they'll grow together. How many of us ended up with our childhood crushes?
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