Monday, March 21, 2011

Libertarian Blogger on Freedom to Marry

Steve writes at Libertarian Jew, a blog described as “The political and religious musings of a Right-leaning, libertarian, non-Orthodox, traditionalist, Zionist Jew who emphasizes rationalism, common sense, and free, open-minded thought.” He wrote a piece called “Where I Part From The Right.” One of the subjects is marriage…

As long as the individuals are consenting and doing this of their own volition, I do not care what you do behind your bedroom doors, whether you are gay or straight. Gay marriage would simply be a contract between two consenting individuals of the same sex saying they want to commit their lives to one another. To deprive consenting individuals from entering such a contract is a deprivation of contract rights, to say the least. The conservative's aversion towards gay marriage, whether brought on by religion or ignorance, gets in the way of a typical conservative viewing the issue clearly. With that in mind, I will go as far as saying that with that argument, I would also be pro-polygamy, providing that the individuals within the polygamous marriage are all consenting individuals. I know that this is a widely unpopular view in America because "marriage is between one man and woman." It has even been codified in American law under Reynolds v. United States. Aside from arguing contract rights, I will say that Jacob, King David, and King Solomon all had more than one wife in the Bible. From a Jewish standpoint, I will say that until very recently, polygamy was acceptable and practiced within the Sephardic world.

Thanks, Steve, for your support of the same-sex and polygamous freedoms to marry. Libertarians should support full marriage equality.
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