Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prison For Consensual Sex in Zimbabwe

It is 14 months in prison for a consanguinamorous couple in Chitungwiza.

Tafadzwa Zwawapu (21) who sired a child with his aunt Sharon Nyautarisi (17) was convicted alongside the mother of his child.

The two were initially slapped with 24 months in prison but ten months were suspended for five years on condition the duo does not commit a similar offence.

He’s not allowed to have sex with the mother of his child?

In December last year, Sharon gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and when Tafadzwa was interrogated he revealed that he was the one who had sired the child with his aunt. This confession led to his arrest.

Why? What exactly is the problem? Obviously, the law there is not concerned about her age, as she was prosecuted as well. This is a matter of prejudice against consanguineous sex. They should be encouraged to raise their child, rather than being locked up in prison.
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  1. Adult relatives who choose to have sex together and fail to keep their relationship a secret will be punished for it.

    For every case like this one, there are many others that we will never hear about because the participants were wise enough to keep their private lives private.

  2. Liz Smith - blond_one89@ymail.comMarch 23, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    This is an example of the government being involved in people's private lives for no good reason. If they were happy together they should have been left alone to enjoy their life together and to raise their child together.

  3. Agreed, Liz.

    I do believe in a right to privacy, but that is someone's choice. Nobody should be forced to stay in a closet. We should be free to live our lives without hiding our love.


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