Monday, March 21, 2011

We Need More Shows That Do This

Sasha Brown-Worsham appears to be a little tongue-in-cheek with her take on “Sister Wives.” According to her, the show makes “polygamy look good.” Good!

To watch TLC's show Sister Wives is to fall in love with the idea of polygamy. If you are in the least bit open minded, this family where all these women help and love one another seems pretty idyllic.

I mean, yes, there is the whole sharing your husband sexually issue, which is less than enticing for many, but once you get past that, the idea is really alluring. In the show, which has the second season premiering on March 13 on TLC at 9/8 c, the women do not talk much about sex, but rather about the benefits. And there are many.

It is so nice to imagine a family in which each person can really play to their strengths. One woman cooks, another cleans, Someone else works outside the home and another takes care of the children. Nice, eh?

Different poly families are going to break things down differently. The important thing is that they do what works for them.

As much as I want to keep an open mind and believe that these people are as happy as they say they are, I also think it takes a very special kind of person to overcome the insecurities and jealousies that might arise.

I am all for varying definitions of marriage and certainly support the idea that consenting adults should be allowed to have whatever kind of marriage they see fit, but it is hard to imagine it working.

Skepticism is common, I’ve noticed. But that is no reason to deny people their marriages. It is, instead, a reason we need poly people to have more visibility.

Some people have a hard time imagining monogamy working, and yet they keep trying it. Ever see two people from homes where monogamy was only paid lip service try to make it work, and think constant bickering is the way it is supposed to be? Their parents cheated, fought, divorced, remarried to others, fought, cheated, divorced, and gave them a bad model of marriage. And yet those same parents might discourage their children from an openly polyamorous life. I’m sure you know someone like that.

People should be allowed to find the kind of relationships to which they are suited. If they find that monogamy is what they want and can live by, great. But some are going to find some form or polygamy works best for them, and they should be allowed that and should not be denied the freedom to marry.
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