Friday, March 11, 2011

Adoption Prejudice

Joe. My. God. pointed out that SPLC-certified hate group Illnois [Only Some] Family Institute mouthpiece Laurie Higgens said…

Those who would prohibit loving, stable incestuous couples or polyamorous partners from fostering or adopting do so for the same kind of reason that those who would prohibit loving homosexual couples from fostering or adopting do: a belief that these kinds of relationships are morally flawed. Some argue that the belief that homosexual conduct is morally flawed is a prejudice and cannot be imposed on all of society. But then one could reasonably argue that the belief that adult consensual incest and polyamory are immoral is an ignorant, antiquated, provincial, bigoted, hateful prejudice that ought not to be imposed on all of society. One could also make an effective case that gender complementarity occupies such a central place in both marriage and parenting that incestuous and polyamorous partnerships are in some ways more defensible than homosexual couplings. Moreover, incestuous couples could make the case that their desire to adopt reveals their sense of responsibility in that procreation could result in serious birth defects. Shouldn't loving incestuous couples be allowed to have children? Is it fair to allow society's prejudice to prevent them from this basic right?

So, she expresses general prejudice against anything that isn’t (supposedly) heterosexual monogamous nonconsanguineous marriage.

JMG wrote in response…

Of course, there's never been, as far as anybody knows, a single known publicly incestuous couple who wants to adopt.

The correct answer isn’t “I don’t know of such couples.” It is “So what? If a loving family wants to adopt, why should they be prevented?” There are consanguinamorous couples who want to adopt. However, they face imprisonment and harassment if they out themselves. Polyamorous people also want to adopt. But even beyond that, poly people and consanguinamorous people have actually lost custody of their biological children for no other reason than loving each other. The threat of losing custody is always there for those who do have children, at least in most places. A little solidarity, please?

Cpttim calls the bus sighting…

I'm going to climb way out on the crazy limb here and ask myself "are the incestuous couples consenting adults?" yes. "does their icky relationship affect me in any way?" no. "Can the relationship harm others?" Yes, kids can be born with birth defects. Somehow I don't think that inscestuous relationships are rampant, so in those rare cases adoption would be the best way to negate the major way that incestous relationships could negatively affect others.

Incest is pretty repugnant to me, but I have an issue with telling consenting adults what they can't do.

Similarly I'm always annoyed when the right pulls out their "Well next its going to be incestuous and polyamorous marriages" arguments, the retort is often "That won't happen." And rarely anyone comes to the defense of polyamorous people.

I'm sure when interracial marriage was up for debate someone said "Whats next, gay marriage?" and those interracial couples of past decades swept gays under the rug as well.



I'm guessing somebody missed that episode of Sister Wives where that one wife got fired just because her husband has wives (girlfriends technically) and children with them? I used to think the polygamy was bull---- but then I saw the pain she was experiencing and the toll it was taking on her life and family and saw that mirrored in a lot of our lives with our own rights being trampled. I'm sure she doesn't see the link, but I did and I can't judge her for wanting and having what I want: A happy life with a happy family that doesn't hurt anybody else. And I'm sure these incestuous relationships between consenting adults are the same way.

Thank you!
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  1. The SPLC has about as much credibility as Nambla.

  2. Anonymous comments like that don't have much credibility. SPLC fights for civil rights. Nambla encourages men to diddle boys.


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