Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bitter, Party of One

An Ireland-based singles website has this discussion going about the latest Genetic Sexual Attraction story in the news. Sadly, there’s a lot of prejudice being spewed so far.

Well I think its is just SICK.

Then don’t do it.

why would they feel the need to flaunt their incestuous illegal relationship all over the papers

“Why would they feel the need to flaunt their interracial illegal relationship all over the papers?” I think the real question is, why do bigots feel a need to be so hateful?

Someone else…

They did know , she found he was living in America and then went out to surprise him, and apparently had feelings for each other as lovers rather than father and daughter, i think it's pretty sick knowing she's ur daughter then carrying on like that , i mean he is supposed to be an adult , he should have put her on the next plane home

That doesn’t even make any sense. They are BOTH adults. Let them love each other the way they want.

Someone else asked…

What happens if you're together a year - and then you find out?!

Stay together, of course. You’ve come to know someone and love them. Why does finding out you are related by blood change that?

Incredibly, someone responded…

id probably have to walk away from it

Why would someone walk away from a loving, passionate, positive relationship if it is working?

Looks to me like these singles in the forum who are prejudiced might be jealous that these people have found each other and are enjoying each other and sharing love. A lot of singles are not like that at all. Either they are happy being single or they are happy people looking for a relationship and they are happy for those who have found one. Too bad more people aren’t like that. We have enough hate and misery in this world. Let those who have found love and happiness with each other have it without trying to throw them in prison, or denying them their right to marry, or attacking their love.
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