Thursday, March 3, 2011

Opening Minds to Nonmonogamy

Dr. Judith Stacey is the author of "Love, Marriage and Family Values: West Hollywood to China," and gave a lecture as covered here by Kim Halpin. She has researched the modern family. Part of her talk addressed nonmonogamy…

Another focus of her talk was redefining fidelity, which Stacey said she views as more of a commitment to integrity than to monogamy. Many couples are committed to their agreements for open relationships, and staying together can provide more happiness for them than separating for being "unfaithful."

Overall, Stacey expressed that she wants her new book to do "more good than harm in getting people to think." She urged the audience to reconsider social stigmas against polygamy and traditional marriage values. Audience members responded with informed questions and were able to engage in an open dialog with Stacey on the points she presented.

It is very important for people to realize that monogamy is just one path a marriage can take. Marriages can be open, they can involve swapping, they can involve swinging, and they can be polyamorous with or without polyfidelity. All of this can be done without cheating. Our laws should not favor one path over another; rather, every adult should have their right to marry any consenting adults.
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