Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest GSA News Exposes Bigots

Naughty Chrissy pointed to Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan and asked, “Genetic sexual attraction or two sicko's?”

How about two people in love, and there’s nothing wrong with that? Instead, a bunch of prejudiced, bigoted, and hateful responses were left. Here are some of the “better” ones…

Sttyyy D…

its disgusting i thought this was illegal


My personal opinion would be to walk away from each other, and deal with being apart, rather than face huge problems in the future.

by Robin…

If it had happened without them knowing they were father/daughter, I would mark it up to just sexual attraction. But since they did know and still engaged in that sort of behaviour, I would say they're a couple of freaks.

And yet, no reason is given by these people that justifies their condemnation of people in love. Why are people so hateful? Two adults have found love with each other. What is the problem? Nobody says. They just call them sick.

UPDATE: If you want to discuss the consanguinamorous relationship between Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan (or your own) in an environment that isn’t antiequality, you can do so in this thread at the Incestuous Lovers forum. You have to register (no cost) with the forum to be able to read and respond.
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