Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liz and Ryan Update

How about some good news?

In November I wrote about Liz and Ryan, a consanguinamorous brother and sister living as husband and wife, although denied their freedom to marry.

I’ve been keeping in contact and wanted to provide a short update.

Their daughter was born in December and is doing well, as are Liz and Ryan. (Congratulations to them.)

We love being parents, even with all the challenges and uncertainties that we go through.

Every time I see that little face I know we've done the right thing. When I see my brother with our daughter I'm reminded again why I fell in love with him. And every day I'm so happy to be part of this family.

Is there anything more beautiful than love?

Their feature continues to be read by many people, and, hopefully, is reassuring those who are going along a similar path. One reason to be reassured is that their feature is changing minds. May it bring freedom ever closer.

There are many other people like Liz and Ryan. We don’t hear much about them in the media, but they are out there (closer than you think) and they shouldn’t have to hide. They should be able to be together and to have their freedom to marry.

UPDATE: Liz's next interview with Full Marriage Equality
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  1. "One reason to be reassured is that their feature is changing minds."
    Ever heard of confirmation bias?
    Generally everyone hates having their minds changed, pride and so on...
    So they'll rather read about things confirming or supporting their world-view. It's a curse really. How many anti-communists have read works that argue in favour of communism, like The communist manifesto? How many anti-fascists have read books that describe the idea behind the fascist ideology, like The doctrine of fascism?
    You'd think them being so sure of their standpoint that they'd take on the opposing side by reading and understanding their point of view directly from the source, and with that knowledge argue against it, but alas, people prefer to live in a 'bubble' where they just acknowledge views that tell them how right they are in their beliefs.
    Not to say that everyone's like that, but a significant majority is definitely. So you can be sure that 80-90% of people that visit your blog already agree with your line of thinking. The other 10-20% don't hang around too long anyway.

    1. I continue to be contacted by people whose minds hav been opened. I have also been contacted by people so glad to know they aren't alone.

  2. Hi everyone. It's Liz here, and I just want to make sure that everyone has the most current contact information so you can reach me.

    Wickr: blondone89
    Wire: Liz Smith@blondone89

    Thank you for your support.

    Liz Smith


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