Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Plea From Mimi

Mimi made a plea on her LiveJournal on polyamory

Dear 24 hours and Vancouver,
I read today an article regarding the new laws surrounding polyamory.

I have one plea; don't make me a criminal.
I'm a good person; contributing to society, kind to strangers, and so forth. I am also a free minded woman in a long term polyamorous relationship. While I can accept that my marital choice is not “normal”, I can not accept a law restricting the rights of free thinking people to enter into a relationship by choice. When entering into committed relationship I would like the vows made between me and my partners to be protected by the law, not dismissed because of it.

Mimi and others like her should be welcomed into marriage law, not treated like second class citizens.

Do you not have room in your heart for both your romantic love and your children? This is the root of modern polyamory. The heart is big enough to love more than just one person. The law has no place forcing me to hide and fight with the truth of who I am.

I am not alone. Polyamorous people blend in as best they can to protect their lifestyle and their children.
I am one voice, but I am not alone.

No, Mimi, you are not alone. Polyamorous people are everywhere. Our allies are everywhere, too. Dear reader, whether your know it or not, you interact with polyamorous people all of the time. And there are those you know who aren’t poly but are allies for poly people. Poly people should have their rights to love, sex, and marriage.
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