Wednesday, March 16, 2011

French Films

From a list claiming to be the “10 Best French Adult Movies,”and I think they simply mean "films for adults" rather than the other use of the word…

2. “Beau-Père” Released in the 80’s, this erotic movie definitely stirred up controversy. Before her mother’s death, Marion begins to develop romantic feelings for her step-father, Remy. It’s a movie about the incestuous romance between an old man and a young girl.

Step-parent/step-child, step-sibling, or in-law sex (between adults) is sometimes classified in law or culture as “incest” even though the relationships are nonconsanguineous. To me, rather than being strange, it make sense that if someone is attracted to one person in a family, they may also be attracted to other members of that family, and, in turn, for family members to have similar tastes in lovers. As always, I discourage cheating and so in films I generally don’t want to see cheaters rewarded. But when it isn’t cheating, then it is all good.

9. “Ma mère” This is another film that deeply explores the topic of incest. It tells of a romance between a son and his mother, with an age difference of over twenty years.

That, of course, would be consanguineous sex within the context of consanguinamory.

I was aware of “Ma mere,”, but I haven’t seen it. If you have seen these films or others, what did you think? Any recommendations?
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  1. Ma Mere sucked. The entire movie is spent building up to the two of them having sex. When the moment finally arrives she cuts her own throat instead. WTF????? Waste of celluloid.

  2. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given that it is a French film


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