Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teachers in India Denied Freedom to Marry

In India, discrimination against polygamous marriage is official government policy.

Those aspiring to be teachers or headmasters in private secondary and higher secondary schools receiving grants from the state government must beware.

They would be disqualified if they happen to have more than one spouse. The new fiat is applicable to both male as well as female teachers.

If a male teacher having a wife, marries another woman or enters into a contract of marriage with another woman, he will be disqualified to be appointed as a teacher or headmaster.

Similarly, if a woman marries a man or enters into a contractual wedding with a man already having a wife will not be eligible for the post of a teacher or headmaster in any grant-in-aid private schools.

The new fiat has been issued by the State Education Department recently and circulated to all the grant-in-aid schools across the state.

No explanation is given in the article as to why this is done. Probably because it is sheer bigotry. India, like so many other countries, needs to move towards full marriage equality.
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