Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Discussing Genetic Sexual Attraction and General Consanguinamory

Consanguinamory and consanguineous sex in general is, unfortunately, illegal in many places under “incest” laws that criminalize consensual sex between adults. And persecution of those who have engaged in consanguineous sex is widespread. There appears to be slightly more acceptance of those who enter into such relationships via Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), but not much.

Whether you are experiencing GSA or not, if you have 1) experienced mutual attraction with, or unrequited attraction for, one or more family members or close relatives; 2) experienced or want to experience consensual sex with one or more family members or close relatives, or you are a journalist, academic, social scientist, or other researcher interested in the above, there are places to go for help.

Most of such discussion forums have “incest” somewhere in their name. Most of them are full of noise and nonsense.

For positive discussion of consanguineous sex, I recommend these free-to-the-user forums:

Consensual Incest Forum
Incest Therapy Forum
Incestuous Lovers Forum
GSA Yahoo Group

For most, you will need to become a member of the forums in order to see or participate in discussions there. They are friendly and welcoming people, so long as you aren’t there to cause trouble or violate their easy-to-follow rules. So go ahead and sign up to read and join the discussions. Whether or not you do, you are always welcome to comment right here on this blog on any of my postings.

Those experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction who want help in managing those feelings to avoid ever acting on them, or to avoid acting on them again, can find some very helpful information and people at SOAR Voices of GSA. That site is also helpful for those who are having problems dealing with someone who has these feelings. It must be GSA (by their definition) and only between two people, otherwise it will not be a welcome topic there. Also, they discourage frank descriptions of events and feelings that they think might induce sexual thoughts in people trying to resist their attractions.

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  1. To accept that sexual desire might be a natural part of love, but that the total feeling was more spiritual, an intense one-ness, didn't jibe with classical teachings. Will certainly visit your site more often now.



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