Monday, March 28, 2011

More Reaction to Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan

I found this at Cafemom about the GSA couple who recently came out

Last year, Penny Lawrence, 28, set out to meet her father whom she had never met. From her home in Ireland, she was able to track Garry Ryan, 46, down in Texas. They met, connected ... and then connected a little too much.

They didn’t connect too much. It is just right for them.

It is beyond disturbing and completely and utterly unfathomable to me that something like this could happen, but they act as if it's the most natural, beautiful thing in the world.

Why is it disturbing?

Only it's illegal ... and disgusting.

It isn’t illegal everywhere. It shouldn’t anywhere. “Disgusting” is a matter of personal tastes. Some people find interracial relationships or same-sex relationships or unmarried sex disgusting. Some find the idea of heterosexual sex disgusting. Is it polite to publicly call someone else’s consensual relationship disgusting? I think rudeness and prejudice are disgusting.

I'm sure it's tough to grow up without a father, but it still doesn't excuse or explain such a relationship.

No excuse is needed. Does the writer offer excuses for her relationship?

They are clearly not mentally stable enough to serve as parents to this child, and I hope someone intervenes to see that they don't.

Such bigotry. They could be great parents.

Do you think this father and daughter should be allowed to raise their child, who is a result of incest?

Of course they should. I didn’t see one reason given why they shouldn’t.

There are a few comments that are supportive…

Maybe its just me, but whatever two consenting adults do is on them and not for me to judge. Why shouldnt they raise their child? Because I dont agree with their lifestyle choice?

It’s not just you. More and more people are thinking this through and realizing relationships like this are fine.

But there are many comments about it being “gross,” “creepy,” and “disgusting.” It’s a shame that people feel so open and casual with their hatred.

Another ally…

Well I suppose whatever floats their boat. Doesn't bother me, I mean i think it's kinda icky cause I HAVE a father figure in my life but other than that they're two consenting adults it's not for me to tell them what to do with their lives. I guess good luck to them!

Thank you!

Of course the same old myth is invoked…

The whole making a baby thing tho is wierd. The baby will prolly come out mentally or developmetally or even physically handicapped.

The baby is checking out fine so far. “Prolly” not "handicapped." Most children born to consanguineous parents aren’t "handicapped."

Ugh. Now what if he becomes attracted to the baby?

It doesn’t sound like he’s attracted to babies. But I assume the writer means when the baby grows up into a (let’s say) woman. If he raises the baby, then GSA, at least in Gonyo’s definition, won’t be happening. We could just as easily ask this question about a man who has a child with a woman to whom he’s not closely related. In either case, it really isn’t any of our business.

terrible... so she had a baby by the same man her mom did.. thats disturbing in itself...

Why? He was good enough for her mother. He’s probably matured a great deal since then. If he loves her and treats her well, what is the problem?

Really? "Eeww" is not a good enough reason to interfere in the relationships of others.

UPDATE: If you want to discuss the consanguinamorous relationship between Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan (or your own) in an environment that isn’t antiequality, you can do so in this thread at the Incestuous Lovers forum. You have to register (no cost) with the forum to be able to read and respond.
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