Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solidarity From UK Queer Youth

At the UK website Queer Youth Network, Haz94 started a discussion with the question “Is Incest Wrong?”

It is, of course, the position of this blog that consensual sex should not be criminalized and is certainly not wrong if there is no cheating going on. As such, if closely related adults have a sexual or spousal relationship, that is good if that is what they want. Likewise, criminal prosecution is often not pursued when minors close in age have sex, and that same standard should apply even if they are related. Consanguineous sex and consanguinamory are often positive things.

Rape, sexual assault, and child molestation are wrong, whether they involved incest or not. But let’s see what was written…

My view is that incest isn’t wrong. I think if two people are attracted to each other in a sexual way (provided both are above the age of consent and of sound mind) then no one has the right to tell them what they’re doing is wrong. For example if a brother and sister liked each other in that way then who are we to judge?

I agree, although I would remove the monogamist qualifier “two.”

One of my friend’s parents are first cousins and she got a hard time for it at school (being called inbred etc) she comes from a big Portuguese family and to them its not a big deal and I don’t see why it should be.

Bullying and harassment are unacceptable, but as long as the law supports discrimination, we can expect bullying and harassment.

You have to look at it from someone else’s point of view, to me the idea of fancying my own mother feels very wrong but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for everyone to fancy their mum.

Thank you. This person still expresses vestiges of retro thinking, though…

Obviously the big argument against it is when children are involved, the high chance of deformities etc so I think that would have to be regulated somehow.

No, it doesn’t. See Discredit Argument #18.

Not long ago homosexuality was illegal and look how far we’ve come with that, do you think one day we could see the same with incest?

Yes. This is a must in order to have equality. An adult should be able to exercise rights to love, sex, and marriage with any consenting adults.

There is much solidarity shown in the discussion.

To me, I'd feel a hyprocrit if i tried saying elsewise... after having spent so long arguing with people at school/college about not choosing who you love etc.

But there were also comments like this...

I know that people can't help who they fall in love with but to me incest is just something that shouldn't happen. Just my two pence there.

That brought this…

I do understand your point, but I can’t help thinking that sounds very similar to something a homophobe might say about two men or two women viewing each other in a sexual way.

Prejudice is prejudice.

Someone else recognized the discredited argument…

I'm not going to base my views on genetics, because i think that's a poor arguement. You wouldn't say someone with an inheritable genetic defect shouldn't have children, and in turn you wouldn't say they shouldn't be together. So the incest arguement seems flawed in that sense to me.

But then the person went on to cite Discredited Argument #20

Another statement for solidarity…

We can't all walk around saying "love is never wrong" and then judge other people's love, that makes us just as ignorant as homophobic people.

And another…

Personally, I don't find the idea of incest very appealing because I don't like the idea of sleeping with my dad or my cousin or whatever. However, that doesn't mean that incest is wrong, because love comes in all different forms (as anybody in the LGBT+ community knows :D) and if parents and children and cousins and uncles and aunties etc. realise that they love each other in a sexual way, then they should be respected for this, and they are fighting to show that love is never wrong.

It is nice to see solidarity.
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