Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Positive Response to “Sister Wives”

Annette Kniola asks, "Would You Want a Sister Wife?" That’s because she’s been enjoying “Sister Wives.” Her glowing impression of the Brown family is more indication that the show is aiding the cause for the freedom to marry.

I can't help but have been "hooked, lined, and sinker-ed" to the new TV series, "Sister Wives." It's about a polygamist family man, Kody Brown and his three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine, along with their 13 kids and now the recent marriage to wife number four, Robyn, who has three children from a previous marriage.

I will admit, though obviously monogamous here in my marriage, that I am totally consumed but the lives these people are leading and I think it's great!

Why don’t more monogamists take this respectful approach?

My evening's lately are consumed catching up to all the new episodes on my DVR and being so fascinated on how these women handle themselves as they love Kody so much yet enjoy their relationships with his other wives too. The crazy thing is, they are all so happy!

Polygyny is only a hindrance to happiness for people who aren’t suited to it. For people who are, it aids happiness.

Really, they are all a very well, very intelligent group of individuals that just lead very different lives based on their Mormon faith.

For the record, it is not the Utah-based LDS church, but a related tradition.

So, would you want a sister wife? I know every man on this earth would love to have more than one wife, what man wouldn't?

Most gay men. Men who aren’t interested in being married at all. And some heterosexual men who are genuinely oriented to monogamy. And there are men who would like some aspects of polygyny, but not others. Just like there are some who would like some aspects of a monogamous marriage, but not others.

But here, no thanks, the jealously would kill me. The thoughts racing through my mind would end me up in the loony bin or at least divorced anyway.

That’s fine. She can have monogamy. Let others have the polygamy they need. Isn’t it great when we can have the marriages we choose?

I am just impressed and I really like Kody, he has a great personality and truly is a great guy. And what man wouldn't be so happy as he is? All four women chosen are all so wonderful, they really seem to have it together in raising their families and are very much at peace with their lives and each other. The kids too, they are all very well mannered and very family oriented. Good for them.

Yes, good for them. Seems as though Kody is good at picking wives, and the wives are good people.

I just hope they do not get prosecuted for bigamy. But really, how can they if Kody is legally married to one and spiritually to the others?

Unfortunately, the way some state laws are written, they can be prosecuted anyway. Instead, the law should legally recognize his marriage to each woman as legal.

I wish the best of luck to them and look forward to season two that has just begun and maybe TLC will find a polyandry family to film.

That would be great, too. There have been enough television shows about monogamous, heterosexual, monoracial, nonconsanguineous couples from the same generation. It would especially good to see shows about other poly people and consanguinamorous relationships. The risk in reality shows, of course, is persecution and prosecution and loss of child custody for the people featured.

There were some interesting comments left that I will address in my next posting.
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