Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sophie Monk and Her Brother

Some people have better relationships with their siblings than other people. Jess McGuire wrote

I know you lot can’t get enough of the thrilling ride that is closely following the twists and turns of Sophie Monk’s romances, so I thought we’d check in with the former Bardot singer and find out a little more about her recent break up with French millionaire fiancé Jimmy Esebag.

Sure, why not?

So then she began talking about her newest love affair. WITH HER BROTHER! (mates/non-incestuous way.)

She also said she had become closer to her brother since the split, and compared them to Angelina Jolie and her brother.

‘It’s hilarious, we’ve been watching movies in bed and fall asleep in the same bed and I think ‘this is very Angelina of us’. No, he’s my best friend in the world,’ she said.

McGuire is ambiguous in his reponse. I won’t be.

It doesn’t matter if she is just good friends with her brother and affectionate in a friendly way, or if she is his lover and they are having passionate sex all of the time. That’s their business. If they are lovers, it would be great to have someone with some celebrity come out. But that is up to them. Snide comments smack of jealousy. Either way, isn’t it good to see siblings being good to each other, rather than bad to each other?
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  1. My sick? Oh, you meant "you're sick." How so? I think people who worry about whether other adults are having sex or not have a problem.


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