Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Those Who Have Consumated Their Genetic Sexual Attraction

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after getting hit by GSA and my constant and ongoing struggle with it ever since, I have started writing about my thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes and dreams regarding GSA. I'm in this process alone, as my h/b, who I have the GSA to, has not been in touch with me since the start of it all.

The writing helps me, it gives me peace and quiet and calm in my head, my body and my heart. It helps me sleep at night, because the images running around in my head get their own place on paper.

I have only my experience and my fantasy to draw from. I would like to ask you, any of you, to share your experience with me. I am looking for the tales of people who have consummated their GSA feelings, whether they had a happy ending or not. This is mostly for inspirational purposes, in order to make the scenes between my characters more detailed, varied and credible.

I haven't decided on the format of my book yet. It may be one story with just two main characters (that is the format now) or I may turn it into several short stories with different outcomes. Whichever format I decide on, I am writing a fictional story based on my experience, dreams and doubts concerning GSA.

I will of course treat all information as confidential, and if I end up using (parts of) your experience I will send you the final draft for reviewing if so wished. Nothing will be published before I receive your prior written consent.

You can send the writer a private message at the website.
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