Thursday, January 20, 2011

Siblings in Love

Amanda wrote at Yahoo Answers

My best friend does incest with her brother?
I was at my best friend's house and I accidentally caught my best friend(15 year old) having sex with her older brother(17). Which I know is wrong, but they begged me not to tell anyone.
Now that I know their secret and think they can trust me, they aren't afraid to actually make out(kiss) in front of me.Which I am still not used to the idea, but I know if I tell my best friend is going to get in trouble.

She chose this answer from kstahl as the best…

I think the only real issue here that has any substantive importance is whether they are both fully consensual with what they doing. The secondary issue would be whether they are using adequate birth control. Beyond that it just devolves into various legal matters (incest is illegal in the U.S.) and psychological matters with some crossover into sociological issues. But generally I would say that if they are both full participants and enjoy what they are doing together and they do more to keep it private, then no real harm is being done.

Amanda should not gossip about her friends, and there is no need to tell anyone, since this is a mutal relationship. I’m not clear if she is generally turned off by “public displays of affection,” or if she is bothered by it in this case because she thinks what her friends are doing is wrong. If it is the latter, then she’ll get used to it and see that her initial reaction is mistaken. These are siblings who love each other and care about each other, not strangers at a party.

The always thoughtful Natalie Underwood wrote…

Well, if you get them in trouble it won't help them, and they will just resent you. It could wind up tearing apart their family if you do. But if you drop them as friends it won't help them either, and it will just make them afraid you will hurt them. So stay friends, but learn what you can about incest - there are lots of places you can google to find more information. Then talk to them about it.

Be careful not to be judgmental, or they won't listen. Just give them information, try to help and keep them safe. Ask them why they started having sex, and when. Find out what makes them do it.

SIX PAK wrote…

Keep the details to yourself.


This is not uncommon believe it or not.

No, it isn’t.

As they experiment in sex now they will stop on their own.

Maybe. Maybe not.

No one said it is OK.

Of course it is okay, if this is what they’ve chosen.

The fact that they were kissing in front of you tells me they like the shock value.

Maybe they wanted her to join in?

A bigot wrote…

you have to tell someone and its needs to be your parents first. They need to let you friend parents know and get both of them help. It is not normal to have sex with a family member and it has to be stopped.

Yes, and don’t forget to tell them that they’ll go blind if they masturbate.
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  1. "Find out what makes them do it."
    I actually laughed at this. I dunno, why DO people have sex?? To convey affection, maybe? Because it feels good?


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