Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Sibling Parents With Healthy Children

The thread at the GSA forum started by a woman expecting her half brother’s baby has continued. The expectant mother wrote…

We are very blessed to have supportive family that know the situation between us and that continue to love and support us. Of course our birth mother and my adoptive parents are worried about the health of the baby but they still congratulated us and seem happy. Just like us I am sure they will be much more excited when we know more about the babys health.

It’s great that family is supportive, rather than hateful amd rejecting. There is a lot of support and advice being given. Here’s just some.


I have something to say... Congratulations. You are having a baby with the man you love, and who loves you back. You are a VERY lucky woman in these days and times. Would you really care if your child was born with abnormalities? If you had a child with someone else who wasn't kin, and the child was born with defects, would it matter? Love your child no matter how it comes out, that's what you will do, and good luck


My full brother and I also have a perfectly healthy 1 year old.

She points out the ignorance in action that she encounters…

I actually work for a Child Health Department and am surrounded by health professionals, paediatricians etc. The funny thing is, they all comment on how advanced our baby is, but at the same time, they make jokes about babies being "inbred" etc. It just makes me chuckle to myself ;-)

The fact is, siblings not only have “normal” children, they can have children that are above average. The choice should be up to them, not hostile strangers. Sibling consanguinamory can be a stunningly beautiful thing, and no doubt can set the stage for a loving home in which to raise children.
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  1. SIblings can and do make great parents together. If they truly love each other, they should be allowed to have children if they choose. I have a daughter with my brother, and she means so much to us both.

  2. In some cases, I think siblings can provide a superior environment for parenting, especially if they come from a good family.


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