Thursday, June 16, 2011

When the Love Outshines the Label

Justme, an administrator of the PFI forum, asks, “Do you even think of it as incest anymore ??”

In my day in and day out life i don't think of my realationship as incest anymore, we've been together for so long thats a thing of the past, when we were younger it was on my mind constantly to the point that sometimes i felt paranoid about it and found myself always looking over my shoulder to see if we were being watched, of course we weren't..

the only time i remember i live with my brother now a days is when we have sex, knowing im having very intimate sex with my own brother adds to the excitement of it all.. And of course there is nothing i won't do for him..

The rest of the time he's just the boy/man i chose, or rather picked to live my life with...

They’re living in a spousal relationship, and they should be able to get legally married, if that’s what they want.

When I'm with Linda, Melissa, and Matthew, I can't help but notice the family resemblance, and I do think about it as the intensity of their affection is all the brighter.


When I am with my sister, there is only love. It doesn't seem like incest. It is just good love.

Beepy, of Montreal, QC…

Well, I sometimes do. After all, he's still my father and still looks after me in that regard. We can go from "father and daughter" to "romantic" though.

Lovers should be able to work out their relationships without interference from the law. Those engaged in consanguinamory, in those nice moments together, may forget that they are hated by some and outlaws in many places because of their love.

(If you check out the PFI forum, please remember that they do not like to discuss polyamory.)
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