Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Imprisoned in Dubai on Consensual Sex Charge

A pregnancy resulted.

The Dubai Appeals Court upheld the one-year imprisonment of the 26-year-old policeman for having consensual sex with his 23-year-old niece, whose three-month jail term was also confirmed.

Pronouncing the judgment in courtroom 17, Presiding Judge Mustafa Al Shennawi also confirmed an additional one-year imprisonment against 26-year-old K.S. for consuming a mind-altering substance.

When K.S. appeared in court he denied having consensual sex with 23-year-old A.A. and pleaded not guilty. He confessed that he took a mind-affecting substance including Nordazipam, Timazipam and Oxazipam.

A.A. denied allowing her uncle to have consensual sex with her. She alleged that she was raped.

Prosecutors said K.S. had consensual sex with his niece, who allowed him to sleep with her like a wife does to her husband. The girl’s lawyer defended that his client did not have consensual sex with her uncle.

Given where this happened, it is possible she was raped. In that case, the prosecution should have been for rape, but I understand that in some places it is nearly impossible for a woman to see her rapist charged and convicted, especially if she is not connected.

Consensual sex between adults should not be prosecuted, so the incest charge is ridiculous. Who is the victim, if this was mutual?

Either way, law enforcement in Dubai is obviously deficient.
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