Friday, June 10, 2011

First Cousins Find Passionate Love After Heartache

Someone wrote in to the Daily Mirror to get advice from Coleen Nolan. He is getting a divorce, his cousin is getting a divorce, and they got back in touch with each other.

As our texting got more flirty, I told her I’d had feelings for her for about ­15 years and it turned out she had feelings for me, too.

We met up, shared a few kisses and cuddles, and found out we had so much in common. It was amazing.

Our relationship turned sexual and I have to be honest – it’s fantastic!

Good for them!

We’re concerned about what our family will think. We are first cousins and to my knowledge, it is legal.

I have told three friends, all of whom reacted differently. One had no problem, one found it funny, and one was clearly aghast at the idea.

That last friend will come around when he or she sees that it isn’t a problem. Or, maybe not… maybe that “friend” will let prejudice beat friendship, and that’s sad.

The family members who aren’t happy will simply have to learn to accept it. The love a person has is their own matter, not anyone else’s except the other lover(s).

Coleen’s response was supportive. Friends and family should support those who find love. Life is too short to be hateful, bigoted, and jealous.
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