Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Can Make It If You Want

At the Porn Free Incest forum (reminder: they only want to talk about monogamy and monogamous incest; polyamorists and polygamists get thrown under the bus there), Machspeed, who lives on Romania, explains the situation he has with his sister, saying he is tormented

Basically I hate the fact that there's no future of us being together in the long run. I know that maybe others which are luckier, but that's not the case for us.

My soul is tangled in this relationship but at the same time we are adults and we have to realize that life should move on. I will probably marry a nice girl but it would not be the same, the passion and intensity will not be there.

We have something beautiful and most likely nothing will come out of it. Sometimes we both think about children (and a few times we were forced to think about it because of our carelessness..) but what future would they have..

The problem is the future, not the now.

He and his sister can have a future as a consanguinamorous couple. He should not let persecution, bullying, or prejudice, even from family, keep him from the person he loves. As he himself mentions, other people have managed.

Also, as he notes, the same passion and intensity would not be there with another person. It is unfair to marry someone under the pretense of monogamy when your heart belongs to another, regardless of who that person is. Consanguinamorous relationships should be legal, protected from bullying, and should have the fundamental right to marry. There are many reasons why. This situation is just one.

Sammi advised…

I think you and your sister should move to another EU country "for economic reasons" then you could live together. My mother and I live together ( people think I'm gay).

Yes, if at all possible, lovers should move to places where their love will not bring prosecution.


Yes you can make a future with your sister, it takes some planning and sacrifice on your part at first, and as sammi said the first thing you need is to do is relocate, get away from people that know you so the two of you can start your lives together..

You can feel the passion and intensity of what it's like to be with your own sister, thats yours to keep if you play your cards right..

Pffft do you want some "nice girl" to share your bed with, or do you want your beautiful sister cradled in your arms ??

No you two can not have your own children, so what, there are other ways of getting a child to come into your lives, if i can do it so can you.

If they really want to have children together, they should get genetic screenings to either put their minds at ease or redirect them to another way besides using his sperm and her egg. Most people, believe it or not, do have some difficulty conceiving and carrying to term, so it might not happen even if they try. But they may have to cut out all unsupportive people out of their lives, who can turn them into authorities and use the child as evidence.

Some men would kill to be able to have a relationship with their sisters, you have that, so build on the positive aspects of what you have, don't look at the down side of things.

Again im telling you that you can have a life with your sister if you want it bad enough, nothing is impossible, planning and sacrifice at first, and then you can have a very rewarding life with your sister...

Couldn’t have written it better myself.


If there's anything you SHOULDN'T do, it's give up on the person you love the most. A lot of people think like that, but it's not right. It doesn't matter what the law says or what society says, if you're in love with someone, you gotta chase them

I agree; if someone (an adult) is the right lover and partner for you, don’t let unjust laws stand in your way. If other famuly members won't support you, perhaps you shouldn't have them in your life at all anyway.
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