Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Allies For Cousins

Someone, who perhaps is jealous, ranted about an apparently consanguiamorous (and possibly polyamorous) pair of cousins, and here are some of the responses.

A historian wrote…

We had a famous president who married his cousin.

Thanks for pointing that fact out.

Someone else…

Cousin marriage is the most common form of marriage historically.

In the modern era, marriages between first and second cousins account for over 10% of all marriages worldwide.

In the US, cousin marriages were legal everywhere until the 1880s. At this time there were some incorrect theories about "deafness, blindness, and idiocy" coming from cousin marriages, as well as a desire for governments to regulate personal lives in new ways.

Charles Darwin married his first cousin Emma.
Albert Einstein married his first cousin Elsa.
H. G. Well married his first cousin Isabel.
Igor Stravinsky married his first cousin Katerina.

There are thousands of other examples of prominent people who married their cousins.

It is the uneducated and ignorant people who oppose cousin marriage.

Thank you!

I understand that long ago that may have been not that big of a deal but it is 2011 and there are plenty of people in the world to where you should not have to have sex with your cousin.

Ah, Discredit Argument #21. It is unacceptable that there are still US states that deny cousins their freedom to marry.
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