Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Locut0s of Vancouver asked

Why are so many stories about getting caught masterbating incestuous?

The answer seems obvious to me. Most people start masturbating when they are minor children. This means they are 1) likely living with family members, 2) not experienced at establishing privacy or perhaps unable to maintain privacy due to the nature of the home, and 3) experiencing frequent instances of arousal with the onset of puberty. Adults are more likely to have found ways to not get “caught,” though some still do. Also, some adults don’t masturbate as much as they did when they were younger because they are regularly having sex.

Sometimes, with either minors or adults, the person masturbating is not actually trying to go undiscovered. In other words, they want to get caught, at least on some level.

If you search for stories on the net though you will find lots. Some are sexy as you would expect, gf or sexy neighbour walking in and deciding to join in. But I've noticed a lot of them are incestuous in nature. Brothers, sisters, even parents joining in. And these are thread posts not fiction. WTF,is this common or something?

It is not uncommon. Some accounts you find may be made-up, but even those show that the person making up the story has a desire to share sexuality with a close family member.

Something else to keep in mind that with it comes to the middle class is that the further you go back over the last several decades, the more likely it was that minor children were sharing rooms, rather than having their own, separate rooms.

Locut0s then linked to this discussion as an example.


Because the type of people who get caught jerking it are the ones who are dumb enough to do (w)incest.

I fail to see why consanguineous sex is “dumb.” Maybe that makes me stupid? Or maybe tokie is a bigot.

There are many, many submissions at the link that Locut0s gave. From some of the earliest ones…

my sister caught me watching her bath, will
i had a hand on things! she offered herself
to me....i nervously declined.

I voluntarily masturbated while my sister watched.

i've been caught by my mum although i planned it and knew she was coming up the stairs

When adult family members catch each other, it can be anything from a moment of extreme embarrassment for both to something that eventually leads to a spousal relationship, or anything in between, including one just watching the other.

It is especially common for siblings to catch each other as minors. If they are close in age, it can be a mutually beneficial educational experience in a safe environment or the start of something stronger and lasting.

Nobody should be ashamed of their sexuality, and family members need to accept that other family members are sexual beings, and provide privacy as requested, rather than trying to shame someone for doing something so natural and normal.
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