Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Opportunities to Speak Up About Genetic Sexual Attraction

If you have experienced or are experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction or Genetic Attraction, here are a couple of more opportunities to increase public awareness and understanding.

Vicky is working on a UK documentary series.

I am currently working on a UK documentary series for Channel 4 called 'Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life.' The series is presented by a very well known evolutionary biologist who will be attempting take an intellectual and scientific approach to answering some of life's biggest questions. He will be asking how our morals and values may have been shaped by social or religious codes rather than scientific understanding, and what life might be like if we removed these codes and reinstate them with ones which are based on evidence and science. In our first episode we will be looking at sex and sexual relationships and we would very much like to try to understand more about GSA within this episode. I feel that it may be an excellent example of something which is woefully understudied and misunderstood and which therefore provokes unnecessary criticism.

If anyone on this forum feels that they may be willing to help us with this I would be really grateful. Ideally it would be great to find people who might be happy to appear on camera (anonymously if necessary of course), but at this stage, anybody at all who would be willing to share their story privately with me would be really helpful for our research.

You can contact Vicky at the GSA website through the username UK Documentary Series.

Also, Ash (Ash35), who offers proof of being a journalist, is also looking

My name's Ash and I'm a freelance journalist writing for magazines and newspapers in the UK and Australia. I'm looking to interview British, American and Australian couples about their experiences with GSA, to write up in sensitively constructive and informative articles.

Please be assured that you'd be given copy approval over the article written (so you can make changes), will be paid a generous fee for your time and can be interviewed anonymously so your identity isn't revealed in the press.

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