Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Allies and Bigots at CafeMom

Time to check in on again. PhoneGrease asked about “Incest between parent and a consenting adult child.”

Should the act if incest be legal or illegal? Why or why not?

Consensual sex between adults should not be illegal, because of basic human freedom and atrociously selective enforcement of such laws.

How about marriage? Having kids?

Those things should be legal. These are matters of fundamental human rights, including reproductive rights.

Besides the "eww" factor (if you do in fact feel this way), do you find anything wrong with parent/consenting adult child incest?

No, as long as nobody be being cheated on. It is often a very beautiful thing.

See the Discredited Arguments, which debunk all of the arguments made against rights in discussions such as this one.

What did the moms say?


How could a mother find her own child a child that she bathed and changed and nurtured to be sexually attractive? I don't get it and think it is disgusting.

“How can anyone find someone of the same sex sexually attractive?”

Some women give their child up for adoption or have them taken away, and they don’t see them again until they’re grown. But it is possible for a woman to re-evaluate an adult child and find that child she raised sexually attractive. As far as “bathed and changed and nurtured,” I hope her partner never gets sick or gets into an accident, because then in addition to the problems inherent with such trouble, sam would apparently lose sexual desire for that person.

mackQuin is an ally…

I think two consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want as long as they are mentally aware and actually consenting to sex with ma or pa. While completely gross and ickkk it's not my business what two adults do with their vaginas and dicks.


There is just something VERY wrong with the parent to even CONSENT to it if the adult kid wanted it!!!!!

No explanation is given as to why.

Yes, it should be illegal, so should marriage and having the blue babies they will have!!!!!!

Ah, Discredited Argument #18.


Love. Warmth. Fun. Excitement. Mutual support. Compatibility. Why does anyone have a relationship or sex?

mandalouwhotn is an ally…

I feel like marriage between any 2 (or more, really) consenting adults should be legal. I feel this is the only right way to write a law allowing gay marriages. I find incest to be wrong, but I cannot let my own personal feelings about the subject dictate what the law should be. MANY people find being gay gross and that it has a n eww factor, but their feelings should not be allowed to influence a law on that subject, as well.

Thank you!

fatcat0908 is a bigot…

Absolutely because the child in question obviously would not habve the mental competency to make right choices if that was to happen.


And what about the fathers child/grand child from this relationship? Would he also be attracted to this one?

"If you’re attracted to men, won't you be attracted to every man?"

CABZS is somewhat of an ally…

It is gross but I am honestly sick & tired of so many laws governing over us. This is not how our country was suppose to be, so many freedoms & choices gone.

2 consenting adults that understand what they are doing should be left alone.

Not just two. Any.


I mean seriously... trying to put aside the sickness that this subject brings to my stomach... hell yes it should be illegal! The chances of producing an offspring without mental/physical deformities are very slim.

That’s not true. Most children born to close relatives are fine.


outside of the wtf, what consenting adults choose to do is their business..



Don't think it should be illegal if all parties are adults and consenting.



Anything that is voluntary, and between consenting adults, should be legal and tolerated.


TheatreMom97 is only a partial ally…

I am all for straight marriage, gay marriage, and even plural marriage. But any form of marriage where the couple is related is entirely wrong & disgusting. Sex with a parent is probably the most heinous thing I can think of. *barf*

Guess her parents are/were ugly?


So should people with known disabilities of any sort be sterilized because of the potential harmful effects on their offspring?


I don't see why people think it is so disgusting other than the fact that society teaches us that it is disgusting.

While there may be some avoidance that naturally develops in many children (avoidance of each other) and teenagers (avoidance of parents for independence sake), I think aversion is largely taught, originally to control sexuality. If the family patriarch was hoping to make an alliance with another family, and that family expected their son to marry a virgin, that meant the patriarch had to keep her brothers, along with anyone else, from having sex with her.

Many said it should be illegal “because it is gross" (and many doth protest too much, I think), many others agreed it is gross but maintained it should not be illegal.

Not one single response, at the time I had accessed the discussion, gave a reason why it should be illegal to have sex, marry, and reproduce with a close relative that wouldn’t also apply to women over age 35 having children.

Isn’t it time to give up the prejudice and let people have their marriage equality?
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