Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mother and Son Prosecuted

Elle wanted to know what she could do to help, describing the following situation

A few weeks ago we found out that our neighbor was having an affair with her 19 year old son whenever her husband was out.

In some homes, this would be a polyamorous situation, but my guess from the rest of the information provided below that this was probably not polyamory but cheating instead.

As expected, myself and my whole family were disgusted by it.

People should be disgusted by cheating; there is reason to be. And there are people who are irrationally disgusted by the consensual sex lives of others. Such people should keep their disgust to themselves.

They'll be in court tomorrow for their sentence.

So this likely means they were prosecuted under incest laws. She wrote their sentence, which tells me this was a consanguinamorous situation, not a carry-over of abuse of a child, or the son could have avoided prosecution. I do not condone cheating, but it shouldn’t be a criminal matter. Neither should any consensual sex between adults. We also don’t know how the husband treated his wife; cheating might not be a big deal in comparison to what happened in the home, but that's pure speculation.

Her husband and older son are still going to live in the house, and me and my whole family are concerned for them. What can we do to help?

There is a possibility that the husband approved of the relationship, and the older son got jealous and ratted them out. We don’t know. The husband and wife might have had an agreement, for example, that allowed him to have lovers outside the home and for her to be with the younger son when he wasn't home.

However, if this was a matter of the husband being cheated on, and he’s not a toxic person, then he should be emotionally supported in that regard. The husband and the older son are both adults. If Elle wants to offer emotional support, she should make sure to include them in social events, especially in ways that introduce them to potential new friends and lovers. She can also invite them over for dinner.

Another way to help is to support getting the government out of bedrooms.
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