Thursday, June 30, 2011

Director Niu Chen-Zer to Do Film About Incest

News from China

Flush from the Taiwanese box-office success of Monga, director Niu Chen-Zer has announced that filming on his next project, Love, will begin next month.

Budgeted at 40 million yuan ($6.19 million) and featuring Monga stars Juan Ching-Tien and Chao Yu-t’ing and newcomers Hsu Chi and Zhao Wei, Love tackles the controversial subject of incest, with both Hsu and Juan and Zhao and Chao playing romantic couples in the high-profile film.

I know nothing about the script. The headline says that the film will be “incest-themed.” I’m assuming it will be about consanguinamory between adults, as incest meaning “child rape” is hardly controversial; everyone except some of the perpetrators condemns such a crime. We need more films realistically and fairly depicting romantic and sexual relationships between consenting adult relatives, ones that don’t treat the characters as objects of ridicule for loving each other.
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