Monday, June 13, 2011

Equality Means Equality

Macha at Life as a Reader wrote about a male student who was treated outrageously because of what he wore to his prom.

It is just incredibly silly for anyone to make an issue over letting ANY student wear a dress to the prom. If one of the other males showed up in a kilt, would it have been a problem? What about females wearing tuxedos? I mean really... how are any of the other students hurt?

I have often written that for full marriage equality, gender equality is essential. However, part of gender equality is letting someone, regardless of gender, dress how they want. Obviously there are exceptions, such as needing to wear a uniform for certain jobs. But if there are different uniforms for the same job, the employee should be able to wear what is comfortable for them. Also, while I fully support support nudism/naturism in certain places (designated beaches, parks, private property, etc.) I think it is fine that some places/events have certain minimum clothing requirements.

They should be able to set certain limits on clothing at a prom, but they should be equal for everyone. If a female can show her shoulders or her lower legs, a male should be able to, too.

Equality means... equality. Gender equality and sexual orientation equality aren't really there if men and women don't have equal freedom when it comes to clothing.
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