Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sibling Experimentation and Love

Bizsurfer in the Northwest USA writes that his first sexual experience was with a friend’s older sister, along with his friend. Bizsurfer didn’t get very far with his friend’s sister, but the siblings did go on to advanced consanguinamory, though not in front of Bizsurfer, leaving a lasting impression on him…

I don't believe having seen incest firsthand so early in my life bothered me much. It seemed natural in a way, although I did begin to peek at my own sisters whenever I could after that. I think it's the fact that incest is taboo that causes all the problems.

It certainly causes many problems.

Given the freedom to naturally explore their sexuality, siblings could learn much from each other before going out into the world.

Certainly that is an advantage, as I have noted.

I can't condemn those who truly, freely, enter into such a relationship.

Nor should anyone. We should encourage people who have found love. The siblings’ parents apparently didn’t think so, assaulting the brother as a result.
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  1. I'm sure sibling experimentation and love is more common than many people realize. When you're with a sibling you're with a person that you know loves you and cares for you. While most of those relationships don't develop into the special one I have with my own brother, I do wonder how many sibling relationships would be like mine if only it wasn't illegal in most places or looked down upon by other people.

  2. I have no doubt about that. How many people kill a good thing because of fear of what society or law enforcement will do? So they marry others they don't love as much, who don't excite them as much, who don't satisfy them as much... which isn't fair to anyone, really.


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