Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Any Adult With Any Consenting Adults

Someone identified as “... ...” (which is Morse Code for “S S”) asked, “Should same-sex marriage, polygamy, and incestuous marriage be legal?"

Those of us who support full marriage equality say, “Of course they should!” An adult should be free to pursue love, sex, and marriage (or not) with any consenting adults.

John Weather had the best answer, as chosen by the asker…

Of course.

He needed to return to elaborate…

Edit: What utter IDIOTS my fellow answerers are--incapable of understanding that free and responsible people have the God Given (or Natural) Right to form whatever unions, partnerships--and, yes, marriages--they wish to enter into, and to have them sanctioned by law, WITH OR WITHOUT THE CONSENT AND APPROVAL OF THEIR FELLOW IMBECILIC CITIZENS. This does not mean, you morons, that you're free to marry your dog or your children--who are not, by definition, free and responsible--but it does mean, you cretins, that may, if you wish, marry your brother or your sister, if you're both of age and not TOO subnormally mentally deficient. Why is this so difficult for you narrow-minded half-wits to understand?

Looks like John is fed up with ignorance and prejudice.

The Asker returned to comment…

If people are adults and are (all) in agreement, why should anyone care?

Good question.


In my most personal opinion, same-sex marriage and polygamy should be legal but incestous should not. In my opinion, s-s marriage and polygamy do not affect anyone else but if you have children in an incestous manner, they could be born with birth defects.

Ah, Discredited Argument #18. But at least this person supports additional freedoms to marry.


Did you know there are more states which will legally allow you to marry a first cousin than to marry a person of the same sex? Incestual marriage is legal, why not marriage between two partners of the same sex?

Everyone should have the right to marry.

Super Smiley Rainbows…

I think marriage should between two consenting adults and only two consenting adults.

But why?


Same sex marriage and polygamy is fine and you do know there are states where you can marry your cousin right

Some states. We need every state to allow an adult to marry any consenting adults.


Marriage should be allowed in only a loving couple no matter their relation or gender. so this excludes polygamy.

Again, why?

No good reason provided to deny full marriage equality, but even those who don’t support full marriage equality support more freedom to marry.

Society is getting there.
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