Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigots Want Professor Epstein Fired

Bigots are complaining that a man who had consensual sex (actually, the charge was reduced to attempting) with a woman is still employed. Apparently, he's never supposed to work anywhere ever again because he had sex. You’d think people would have something else to worry about, but interfering in the sex lives of others is just too much of a draw.

See (I know, I know). was tipped off by, “Why Is David Epstein Still a Columbia University Professor After Incest Plea?”

Maybe because he’s a good professor and it was stupid to prosecute a man for sex with a consenting adult woman? Just because law enforcement is doing something ridiculous does not mean the university should, too.

Epstein, who had used his blog at Huffington Post to attack Sarah Palin, was arrested and charged with having sex with his adult daughter. And, as was reported at the time, “according to the criminal complaint from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, professor David Epstein’s incest was committed between July 2006 and June 2009 at a University Apartment Housing building on 120th Street.”

So (a) it went on for three years, and (b) it happened on university property.

Sex in university housing? Shocking! And three years? Yes, they’d totally, really, completely be fine with it if it had only happened once in another home.

Neither the university nor Epstein has commented on the case since his May 10 guilty plea, but the question remains: If a professor committed such a crime on university property, wouldn’t Columbia be justified in firing Epstein?

So, if professor is involved in a protest and is charged with resisting arrest, should that professor be fired? Epstein shouldn’t be fired. The law is ridiculous. And no comment as of yet… as if the bigots would accept any comment. Notice nobody has spoken out and said they were victimized. Not even the person who apparently ratted the lovers out.

Finally, the source of all of this, from The Columbia Spectator

Epstein will be placed under conditional discharge (essentially a less invasive form of probation) for one year.

He shouldn’t even have gotten that.

You can check the links yourself to see the prejudiced comments from bigots. But here’s a good one from Sam…

What really matters is that David Epstein is a fantastic professor, respectful of his students. His private life has nothing to do with his teaching skills. Besides, it seems that the relationship, if true, was with a consensual adult.

Consenting adults should be able to pursue love, sex, and marriage (or not) with any other adults. Either we take "consenting adults" and "right to privacy" and "my body, my choice" seriously, or we don't. A woman of age 18 can sign binding contracts, sue or be sued, go to prison for life, serve in the military, operate motor vehicles and heavy machinery, consent to sex with men or women she just met, get married (to certain approved people), have elective surgery, and just about anything else except legally drink alcohol or run for President. Are we to say she can't consent to sex with a close relative? Maybe you wouldn’t consent to have sex with a close relative, but so what? Other people do.
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