Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ignorance Hurts When it Comes to Consanguineous Impregnation

Sometimes, heterosexual consanguineous sex results in pregnancy. (I'm bumping up this entry from June 2011 because it is still relevant.)

Any pregnancy, especially first-time pregnancy, even if planned, can be a time of anxiety. But when someone suspects or knows that the their pregnancy is the result of sex with a close relative, the frequently repeated ignorance of the inevitability of the baby being deformed cause them extra concern. This is an addition to the concerns about prejudice against such families and unjust prosecution by law enforcement.

As an example, here’s a situation from someone posting at defunct Genetic Sexual Attraction forum…
I just found out that I am pregnant with my Half Brothers baby. We have the same Mother. So far we are not aware of any major health issues in the family. We are in a loving relationship with lots of support and very happy. This pregnancy was not at all planned and we are happy but very concerned. I am not looking for accusation or for people to tell me to abort. At this point I just need help on what kind of testing I need to get done to make sure everything is ok. should he and i get tested individually or just wait for the regular testing of the baby itself? any kind of information support advice help would be amazing.
thank you so much

ps. i am about 7 weeks along. I have a first ultra sound monday and the first dr appt tuesday. I live in the US would it be safe to tell the dr the situation to be sure that all the correct testing and precautions are taken?

There are several things to note. First of all, they are half-siblings. Considering that plenty of healthy children have been born to full siblings, that should lessen concerns. Secondly, they are not aware of any major health issues in the family. So things are looking good.

Looks like this child will be welcomed by a loving couple.

Brandi (a neonatal nurse)…
Firstly, congratulations! I hope you are feeling healthy. The ultrasound should be able to give you a general idea whether there are any deformities although it is still early, so hopefully as you progress you can get another ultrasound. It may also be possible to get an amniocentesis but I do not believe those are done until after the thirteenth week or so. The amnio would tell you whether there are any chromosomal abnormalities, and the sex of the baby, if you want to know that.

Later, she added…
I do not believe a doctor would report you if you told him about you and your brother. It may be the motivation he/she needs to be willing to do further testing. You can ask something like... "Off the record, if I were to tell you consanguinity is involved, would there be any repercussions..." I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for that really.

I only know of one GSA couple, who had a baby.
They both got tested, to see if they have any genetic predispositions to abnormalities.
If they both would have shared the same genetic predisposition, there would have been a high chance of they're baby getting it, but still a chance it didn't. And after that they would have tested the baby.
But none of them had any, and the baby was born healthy.

I would seek legal counsel in cases like this to protect the family, seek progressive doctors, and always give them plausible deniability; if need be, move. See my advice here.

Pregnancy should be a happy time during which the mother is not given undue emotional concern. That happiness should not be denied to consanguinamorous parents.
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  1. There is so much ignorance and blatantly false information out there regarding this subject. I believe that the 'danger' is nowhere near as bad as many people claim. I personally have chatted with some people who have done this, and they reported no problems. Love between people and the birth of a child are things to be celebrated, even when it's between consenting relatives.

  2. What about when one of the partners already have children, what would you tell them? Or would you keep it a secret? Just to clarify i fully support this.

    1. That's going to depend on the ages of those children, how much they are around, and their personalities.

  3. I'm 25 years old male. I'm married to my mom (though not legally, but we accepted each other as spouse). We have 2 beautiful kids 4 and 1 year old. They are both normal and smart. Older one is very mature and has very kind heart. So it's not a very good reason not to have consenguineous children on the basis of genetics. It's like saying there are road accidents, therefore you should never get outside home.

    1. Anonymous, congratulations on your love, your marriage, and your children. I'd like you hear from you privately. Please email me at Fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com or message me on Wire at Fullmarriageequality


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