Monday, June 6, 2011

Sister Wives Strikes Again

Janice D’Arcy writes about how “Sister Wives” is influencing popular culture and why a poly family can look appealing to parents.

Lately, I’ve been hearing parents mention the TLC cable network show that just wrapped up part one of its second season. “I’m a sister wife,” is how one woman described herself at a recent children’s birthday party. In other words, she was the parents’ friend with a benefit: She babysits.

A few weeks before, another friend told a group of mothers from my daughter’s playgroup that the show had made her finally understand polygamy. “It’s about the babysitting.”

She continues…

“Sister Wives” makes multiple marriages look mundane and workable, especially from the child-rearing aspect.

The four wives share responsibilities for 16 children. Episodes show them sharing home burdens, corralling the children, cooking family meals.

In in a region with notoriously high child care costs, it’s no wonder the show’s representation of polygamy is inviting.

How many people, who reject the freedom of poly families to live as they do because they think additional adults are a problem for the child, hire someone (a nanny, a babysitter, a daycare) to frequently watch their own children? It reminds me of people who look down on polyamory as immoral while they themselves have sex with a series of different people. Find what works best for you and your family. Don’t prevent others from finding what is best for them.

As my friend pointed out, sister wives are built-in babysitters who don’t need background checks, don’t need to ease into a relationship with children and each one always has a backup. Plus, the services are free.

Joke about it or take it seriously; either way, the show appears to be raising awareness and opening minds.
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