Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Polyandry at Yahoo Answers

Unhappy Guy asked, “What are your thoughts on Polyandry? - Pros and Cons?”

What are the pros and cons of Polyandry? A woman can legally marry two or more men, at the same time. All men have to agree on that. Its like a family of four - 1 wife and 3 husbands. Children come later on.

I, of course, think polyandry is fine for those who want it. It tends to get attacked not only by “we don’t want anyone else having the freedom to marry” monogamists, but some polygynists, too. And then there are the attacks from the people who are more or less jealous of any woman in a polyandrous marriage, and attacks from sexists who think a woman couldn’t possibly handle more than one man.

There was some prejudice seen in the responses, unfortunately.


Slutty Backdated BS.

How can you love 3 persons at the same time?

Perhaps Se7en should ask a married monogamist with two children.

"I see what you did thar"…

Ew thats horrible.

Just.. no. no no no no! Marriage is supposed to be sacred and a bond between two people! Its just immoral to marry and be with more than one partner.

If marriage is supposed to only be monogamous, then there are an awful lot of marriages today and in history that weren’t “supposed” to be.

Airman's Wife…

Personally, I find it rather abhorrent. Marriage, to me, is supposed to be between two people, not four or five or six. I can only imagine the jealousy/intimacy/competition issues that could result from polyamorous relationships. I almost feel like it's an excuse for the person with multiple spouses to have new sexual experiences with new people, so that they don't have to deal with the "boring"-ness of staying with just one person.

People can do that without being married.

That being said, I believe that consenting adults over the age of 18 should be able to do what they want in private as long as they are not hurting anyone and they can all care for themselves and any resulting children financially and emotionally.

They should be allowed to do it in private, and allowed to legally marry.

There are various “pros”, or reasons why someone might want a polyandrous marriage, some sexual, some social, some financial, some religious, and many other reasons. Sexually, it could actually be a triad involving bisexual men. Or, it could involve two heterosexual men who are turned on by sexually sharing a woman. There are also women with higher sex drives and men with lower sex drives. Regardless, we don’t make heterosexual couples justify why they want a monogamous marriage. We give them a marriage license with little hassle. The same should be true for any set of adults.
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