Sunday, June 12, 2011

Polyamory is a Beautiful Thing

Godzillaisdamn , a 16-17 years old female, asked, ”Why are people so against Polyamorous relationships?”

I was on another website asking people (anonymously) if they would ever be in a polyamorous relationship and the reactions were always something about it being gross and slutty.

Those people are ignorant and prejudiced. If they are not polyamorous, that’s is their right. But polyamorous people should also have their rights, and shouldn’t be slurred.

Conceptualclarity, a51-55 years old male…

They really do tend to undermine the marital relationship.

Quite often, polycules are the marital relationship. And some legal marriages (two people) are spared divorce by going polyamorous, and they should be allowed to make their expanded marriage legal/

Tossalterego, 41-45 years old male, got ir right…

Most if it has to do with the close mindedness of society.

LeelaLafont, 18-21 years old female, has obviously been relying of flawed media portrayals…

I disagree with them because they are one-sided. It's always one man, and many women. Why can't it be one or two women, and many men?

Godzillaisdamn returned to correct her…

I've heard of some like that. I think its just less common and not shown in the media as much. People also get the idea that all polyarmorous people are religious, and thats not true. I, for example, am nonreligious.

Ignorance abounds. People like Godzillaisdamn will help change that.
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