Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poly-LGBT Solidarity

Daniel asked, “How does the homosexual community feel about polygamy?”

LGBT people are not The Borg. Some don’t care about polygamy, some think it is a bad idea, and some support it or engage in it. A better question would have been what various rights associations supporting the same-sex freedom to marry are doing to support the polygamous freedom to marry. Do they support full marriage equality?

How does the homosexual feel about polygamy some one having multiple spouses a man or a woman? Do they a man should be able to have as many wives as he wants or want should be able to have as husbands as she wants? It's just love but people actually go to jail for being married to more than one person. So is the homosexual community okay with 1 person having multiple spouses?

tkdeity had what Daniel chose as the best answer…

Gay male here. Speaking for all gays, I don't care if the family down the street is polygamous. Whatever works for them

That is a good answer.

Someone else wrote…

I came from a culture where polygamy is accepted and I have a few relatives that has two wives. In my opinion it should not be allow because it's just unfair for the two wives, or three wives, 4 wives ect.

I think it is more likely the general treatment of women in that culture is the problem. If a woman can freely choose to enter into the marriage of the type she chooses, and freely choose to divorce, and is protected from domestic violence, violence in general, and gender discrimination, polygamy will not be a problem.

They will get jealous and angry and ect.

There’s an abundance of jealousy and anger in monogamous marriages, too. Polygamy isn’t for everyone. Neither is monogamy. Some people are better off unattached.

The husband spend one night at a wife's bed, another night at another wife's bed, another night at a different wife's bed ect., it just makes the wives jealous and angry.

Some women like that sort of thing, rather than getting jealous. But full marriage equality would allow the wives to have other spouses, too.

No one wants to sleep alone and miss their husband for a few days in bed!! No one wants to share a man and a husband with another.

Don’t speak for everyone, because it isn’t true for everyone.

But then the person finishes with…

However, if the the women agree to marry one man I think it should be okay.

Well, there you go.

Clint called the asker a troll…

Polygamy as practiced is done for religious purposes and the women are always forced into it, usually at so young of an age that they couldn't possibly make a reasoned decision about it. And because it's forced I cannot condone it.

No, this is not the case in general. It may be the case in some instances, but force should not be allowed. It should not matter to anyone else if the marriage is for religious purposes or not.

As a contract, marriage is difficult enough to negotiate with two people and their respective differences. The introduction of a third or more will inevitably lead to a breakdown. And once someone wants to leave the marriage, what are the obligations that remain toward the children and property? It is a legal nightmare.

Ah, Discredited Argument #11


I believe that adults should be free to make their own choices but for me personally, I think it's weird.


One person cannot be everything to us but I think polygamy is just a loophole for people to have multiple sexual partners with no consequences.

No consequences? Poly people who want the freedom to marry are seeking for legal consequences.


polygamy is not a bad thing when it is done by choice and divorce is allowed. when ppl are allowed to be free abt it it can be just as good as ne other relationshop. espc for bisexuals because u all have each other.


i have got nothing against polygamy provided that everyone involved is a consenting adult. it's not for me, personally, as the idea strikes me as too complicated, but if all parties involved are fine with it, then i have no problem with other people doing it.

Thank you!


It's perfectly fine for me, as long as it does not affect other people.

Thank you! There is no reason to deny full marriage equality.
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