Monday, June 13, 2011

Again, Some Women Want Polygyny

And some women want polyandry, or some other form of polygamy.

Cheryl Lavin printed responses to a call for the legalization of polygamy, or at least polygyny. A man had written that it would be a solution to “his personal solution to a wife no longer able to have sex. He knew at least two women he wished he could ‘take home, love them and be there for them.’”


Those lonely women he’d like to take care of - they’re looking for a nice man, not a bozo who wants to cheat on his wife because she’s unable to meet certain needs.

Isn’t it the decision of those women to make? Martha presumes to speak for them. He doesn’t want to cheat on his wife. Instead of dumping her, he wants to stay married to her and marry other women, too. He could easily file for divorce, but that is not what he’s proposing.


TV shows like “Big Love” and “Sister Wives” are on because they’re oddities, not because public acceptance is growing.

You go ahead and keep telling yourself that, and I'm sure you think the same thing about "The L Word."

Harley likes the idea of polyandry…

It’s time for women to embrace their sexuality. Society is wrong about us. One man for life is boring and tiresome. One man cannot meet all of your needs, but multiple men collectively could make for a great husband. My friends are always complaining about how “he can’t fix anything” and “he won’t get off the couch once he’s home from work.” This one “won’t communicate” and that one “is too busy making lots of money.” But put them all together, and you’ve got one great husband, plus the big added bonus of having a variety of sexual partners.

I’m not opposed to poly­gamous relationships, but there’s no way they should be limited to a man with multiple wives.

I agree! That’s way I’m for full marriage equality.

There were more responses that labeled the man a creep, unfortunately. Marriage proposals can always be rejected. If you don’t want a polygamous marriage, don’t have one. But those who do want one should have that freedom.
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