Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lamenting Incest in Zimbabwe

Joel Mapaura laments how things are in Zimbabwe these days. Among the problems he cites are emigration, murder, political quarreling, indifference of leadership, limited utilities service, the cost of living, unemployment rates, and low wages.

It is sad that these days you find parents with a family of eight (8) grown up children of opposite sex crammed in a single room with the aim of cutting on accommodation costs. This partly explains why the country is recording a sharp increase in incestuous relationships.

Hmm. Maybe. But I’ve had multiple experiences during which I have spent day after day crowded into a room with people (school, work) and never wanted to have sex with any of them. Other times, there were some I did want to have sex with, and some of them I did have sex with. But it was usually after we went off to less crowded places. The difference? Mutual attraction. Some people are attracted to some of their close relatives, and some of those enjoy consanguinamory or at least consanguineous sex with them. It happens even when you have two siblings living in a mansion with parents who are hardly ever home. The siblings don’t need to share a room, but they want to share a bed. Stop looking for something to blame for such encounters or relationships. They don’t need to be excused, because they aren’t inherently wrong in the first place.

And rape and child molestation, which are wrong, happen in various conditions; don't excuse rapists because they are poor.

He goes on to lament “the drastic fall of Baboon and Monkey population in Gonawapotera Mountain” as a result of hunting,

Maybe Zimbabwe would be better off if LGBT people and consanguinamorous people could live their lives freely and openly without prosecution or bullying.
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