Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Laws Against Adult Incest: Still No Good Reason

Uncle of GOD asked, “Is consenting adult incest still wrong?”

No, as long as nobody is breaking existing vows to others, it isn’t. It shouldn’t be illegal either way.

I want to ask you, what is wrong if a couple practice incest with the following conditions:

The only conditions it need meet to not be wrong is that it is between consenting adults and they aren’t violating existing vows to others. That’s it.

1) It must be consensual and between adults.

Of course.

You can't compare it with child abuse. Because your comparison would be similar to "consensual sex between two unrelated persion" and "rape".


2) No children.

Pregnancy can be avoided using high-technique protection.

It is not wrong for close relatives to have children. See Discredited Argument #18. There are people alive right now who have been good, productive citizens who born to close relatives. You probably know at least one, whether you know it or not.

Now express your view with logic.

Very little logic is ever used to argue that consanguineous sex is wrong.

BabeHart had the best answer, according to voters…

With logic, there is no reason to prohibit it as long as offspring aren't produced...I find it personally disgusting, but then I was raised that way (in ancient times, in some cultures, siblings married and that was the norm)...

Like a lot of animal species, humans are not commonly attracted to their siblings (for mating)...

There are more humans who are attracted to their siblings than strictly attracted to people of the same sex.

Kitmit Thirteen…

I don't have the power to stop anyone and I don't think I should but I personally think it is kinda sick =/ There are lots of people out there you could fall in love with so why pick your relative.

Discredited Argument #21.

Mike Williams had a great answer…

It is not wrong. You are both adults, and you are both consenting. It is your choice. My opinion? If this action pleases both of you, go for it.

Maria D…

Yes- it is wrong

Because…? Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. You’ll die.


Well it kinda depends. Is it a sibling? or a distant cousin? And what are the circumstances? Like if you meet this girl and fall deeply in love with her WITHOUT knowing that you guys were related and didn't find out till a(an) year(s) later then I think it would be ok (maybe). If you knew you were related all your life, like a sister or something, then thats a no no. In my opinion. Depends on the circumstances. And how close in the blood line you are.
~But that's just my opinion.

Of course it is her opinion. But again, no reason is given.

Day after day, we see a total failure of anyone to come up with a compelling justification to outlaw consensual consanguineous sex. Consanguinamorous relationships are denied marriage equality, and may bring criminal prosecution. Why? Nobody can give a good reason. It is just a matter of a tradition of the sex police.

There are loving relationships all over the world, including marriages, between close relatives, it and is unacceptable that they are denied the freedom to marry under the law.
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  1. Article should have pointed out that consensual adult incest is in fact fully legal in New Jersey and is fully or partially legal in several other US states, and should also have linked to the world map (which shows, for example, that half-siblings can legally marry in Sweden). Simply saying that CAI should be legal can mislead the reader into believing that it isn't, when in fact there are numerous locations where CAI is legal and there are also locations in which CAI marriages are legal.


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