Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ITLT Documentary Gets Publicity

This article ran to note the airing of a documentary running locally to the news source, “Incest: The Last Taboo,” a documentary I’ve noted before. The documentary features consanguinamorous siblings and parent-adult child relationships, but the reviewer eases the uncomfortable people to that point by first talking about consanguinamorous first cousins who appeared on Tyra Banks’ show.

Don’t wrinkle your nose at them like that! They’re human too, you know, and in South Africa it’s legal for first cousins to marry.

It’s legal for first cousins to marry in many countries and some US states. It should be legal everywhere under full marriage equality.

Moving on the documentary…

There are Alex and Pau, a brother and sister who are head over heels in love and live together in Seattle.

That sounds like the Pau who writes at the GSA forum and is currently pregnant.

Then we get to see Ron, who also fell deeply in love with his sister. Lastly, the documentary looks at the life of Ruth, who, after getting the hots for her father and finding out the feeling was mutual, decided to have a son with daddy dearest. All of these people insist that no molestation was involved and no one was coerced into copulation.

They insist? Has anyone seen any indication otherwise?

Sexual attraction – and action – within the immediate family is definitely frowned upon by most people.

Publicly, at least it would seem that is the knee-jerk reaction. But when people think through the issue, they usually will admit, even if reluctantly, that there’s no reason to impede upon consanguinamory. It is a far different thing than adults preying on children. And when people actually see the love that is shared, they are moved to offer their support.

But these people are fighting to be recognised firstly, as human beings and secondly, as a lawful union in their states.

Darn straight, if you will pardon the pun.

Incest is illegal in most parts of the world but there are folks who seek to change this. Homosexuals fought for their rights not to be deemed immoral because of their sexual orientation. Some people think that should apply to incest too.

An adult, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, should be able to pursue love, sex, and marriage (or not) with any consenting adults. That should be obvious.

Here’s more from Pau, if you go to post #28 from the middle of this month.

Im definitely trying not to worry too much especially since so far everything is going well besides sickness…My sister just had a baby on the 8th at home with a midwife. My adoptive Mommy took the midwife aside to ask her if she knew anything about our situation. The midwife said she was not a professional in that specific kind of case but that she had seen cousins have perfectly healthy babies and that she really thinks we will be fine. Just as I have read on here most of the fear is because of how it used to be in the past in smaller villages or societes that inbred too much. And of course family history of genetic problems. My Mom asked the midwife why she didnt seem surprised or alarmed by the information she had given her. The midwife told her that she has seen just about everything.

The midwife has probably seen closer relatives have babies together, too, but wasn’t told of their relation. If you’ve ever seen the intensely strong love that consanguinamorous siblings can share, you can understand just what a wonderful home a child of theirs will enjoy.
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