Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yes, People Are Still Prosecuted For Consensual Sex

The Other McCain has an update on Columbia University Professor David Epstein, who was arrested in December and charged with having consensual sex with an adult woman for three to four years. Yes, that is a crime where he lives because the woman is his daughter. This has never been any information to indicate this was anything but a consensual consanguinamorous relationship.

One of our readers has obtained court documents (for Case #2010NY090162) indicating that Epstein copped a plea to a misdemeanor charge of attempted incest.

It is ridiculous that attempting to have consensual sex is even a crime.

Is Epstein’s behavior something that the university tolerates or approves?

Why would a decent university care if one of their employees is having consensual sex with someone else?

There are some noteworthy comments noted below.


She was an adult during all of this so why wasn't she charged with incest as well?

And if they're consenting adults, why do we care?

Good questions.

Wombat_socho gives a non-answer…

The fact that you have to ask this question indicates that you wouldn't understand or accept the answer.

LoboSolo doesn’t let it go…

The fact that you have no answer indicates that you can't come up with a good reason as to why you want to stick your nose into their business.


First off it is illegal.

Why? It shouldn’t be. This is the very question being asked. The answer to "Why is this illegal?" is not "It is illegal."

Then we have the moral problems.

Which are? Which are not enough reason to make it illegal.

I find it disgusting to be in a position of trust over another human being and someone takes advantage of that trust.

Apparently, mulch isn’t a very good lover, because mulch thinks having sex with someone means taking advantage of them.

Then we have the physical problems. What if she would have gotten pregnant?

That would be her business, now wouldn’t it?

SDN advocates murder as a good response to consensual sex…

Well, actually, I was thinking about $5 for enough bullets for the firing squad. And to answer your question below, I'd call her everything I call him... and I guess I'd have to spend $10 bucks for bullets, because I wouldn't deprive her of her ration.


Why do you bend over backwards to defend incest? It raises some interesting questions.

See, if you think adults should be allowed their relationships and sex, then there must be something wrong with you. Scary thinking.

Wyatt Ironbridge goes for Discredited Argument #20...

A father is in a position of authority, like a teacher or employer, and always will be.

So I guess President Obama should face prosecution for having sex with Michelle, or any other American? No more sex with Americans for any American President. No police chief or mayor can have sex with anyone living in the city over which they preside. No Governor can have sex with anyone who lives in their state. On and on.


You are trying to tell me that Prof. Epstein just so happened to have sexual relations with his daughter when she turned 19, and not a day before; I call BS.

And the proof? None. Believe it or not, people do start to do things.

Once again, no valid reason is given as to why consanguineous sex should be a crime in the first place. All I see is prejudice and bigotry being hurled at Epstein.

I had been hoping that the law would be challenged in the this case. Everyone involved in arrested and prosecuting Epstein should be ashamed of themselves for abusing their power and wasting taxpayer resources. We need full marriage equality to prevent this kind of injustice.
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  1. It makes me sad and angry that this father and daughter can no longer enjoy the special relationship they shared for the past few years. I wish people could mind their own business and not interfere with people in happy incest relationships.

  2. Liz, as always, your comments are right-on and so welcome. The good news is that minds are changing, and that only a minority of consanguinamorous relationships are actively interfered with by law enforcement.

    The bad news is that there ARE still some that are, and that all such relationships are somewhat interfered with by the mere threat of the authorities getting involved.

    I have no idea what else was going on in Epstein's life; for example, if he was breaking existing vows to another and that person got upset and ratted the lovers out to authorities. But while I never encourage cheating, even cheating should not be a criminal matter.


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