Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's Wrong With Consanguineous Sex?

At DearCupid, a US female age 18-21 cites HBO’s Game of Thrones and a discussion on IMDb as her inspiration to ask “What is wrong with incest?”

I'm vehemently against it, because children born from it are often severely handicapped.

This was the most cited objection. It is Discredited Argument #18.

Also the idea of having sex with a sibling repulses me.

Discredited Argument #1.

Ofcourse this also has to do with the way I was raised and I wonder if I would still be so opposed to it if that view hadn't been imposed on me from the moment I was born.

Probably not.

It seems a lot of people are for it, as long as it's between two consenting adults and no children are born because of it.

It is fine if it is more than two, too.

SO, is incest going to be socially accepted in the future, like homosexuality, or do you think these two things are incomparable?

The two things are different, of course, in that they are different category variations. Sex can be heterosexual and nonconsanguineous, heterosexual and consanguineous, homosexual and consanguineous, or homosexual and nonconsanguineous. They are linked in that both gay sex and consanguineous sex has been deemed unacceptable by the sex police.

DanceInTheDark (Canadian female)…

If Incest was alright, I think more people would be attracted to their siblings.

Discredited Argument #3. By that reasoning, gay relationships wouldn’t be “alright,” either.

TasteofIndia (US female)…

Honestly, I guess if two siblings want to get married and opt out of children (or adopt, or surrogate), I say let them. There marriage wouldn't hurt me or effect my life, though I may feel uneasy about it myself.

This kind of qualified support, which is common, is better than nothing. But people need to realize that people have reproductive rights, and there are children born to the consanguinamorous who are fine or healthier than average.

We need more allies to speak up in discussions like that one. The answer to the original question is "nothing." Child abuse is wrong. Rape is wrong. Cheating is wrong. Consensual sex isn't wrong.
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  1. Great comments there! I wouldn't sleep with any of my siblings or cousins, but I also wouldn't sleep with a woman. That doesn't make it sick or immoral.


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